Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Just some thoughts...

     Yesterday, I was missing mama...  And I posted on facebook the profile that I made in memorance of her.  I made a picture album to with pictures of the family.  Me my children their children and great grandchildren..  It is mostly for us family who miss her.  But all of a sudden when I was doing it.  I though about the celebration of life.  I have difficulties, bad bad back panic disorder among other things.  And as I visit blogs and facebook friends.  I'm noticing I'm not alone at the least.  I quit going to the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall , the only way I mostly knew all my life.  But because thats how I was brought up.  I knew some what of other faiths...  But not like them.  Certain events pushed me to look into the structure of them.  And I found it unbelievable...  I was sadden, but relieved as well.  The pressure is to much.  So at any rate I miss the ritual of going to church and the association.  But I can not do fake and pretent it has never been me.  But I'm learning as I go along.  So I feel I have grown some what.  Which brought me to the thinking of the celebration of life.  I know this much for sure.  I believe in God and the Christ.  And I believe we should not take life for granted.  And I know following our lords way makes it easier to swallow this crazy world ways and actions.  I'm also glad I'm no part of this upside down world.   As he says Do not love the world or anything in the world.  If anyone love the world, the Father is not in him.. 1John 2:15.  Celebration of Life...  There were celebrations of life, one when Jesus brought Lazarus back to life.  The passover was a celebration ?  I think we should cherish life.  Not take it for granted.  Life is about living and death.  And in between learning gaining knowledge and wisdom, but I believe it to be in our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.  I'm 58 years of age but I have yet to gain all that is necessary, but are grateful that the Heavenly Father is showing me the way to it.  So that is a celebration Of my life...  Faith in him ✨💛✨ 
   With love, Janice... .  


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  3. Hi Janice! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Since you are a no reply blogger, I didn't have your email address so I will reply back on your blog/s...I see you have a few and I have sneaked a peek at them :) It sounds like you are getting some answers to some questions you have about life in the scriptures...no better place! You know, as long as you are getting your answers from God's word, it doesn't matter that you are affiliated with any certain denomination. There will not be ANY denominations in heaven. As long as you keep looking to the One True God for answers, He will provide them to you! It sounds like you have had many trials in your life...many of us have, but nothing that is too big for our God to handle...praise the Lord! I'm glad you came by my blog and I don't believe in coincidences :) It blessed me that you came by and that my post spoke to your heart! Thank you for following and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Yes it did speak to my heart. I grew up a Jehovah Witness and went in and out over the years. But in all the craziness of my life. I never knew much about it ... I was made to go as a child so later in my life as a adult. I went back in search of A more stronger relationship of God only to find myself fustrated and lonely... And found myself discouraged and all alone when my mom died. I was dropped by a lady who said she could no longer deal with me. I was shocked and hurt.. But i tried to heed Good words and forgive and still go forward but. The demand that they put on me for baptizum was to much. But I still tried and I just came to a point where I started researching things and when I did I was more shocked and surprised.. So I left.. And God keep leading me one place to another and one place was your blog.. So thank you with love Janice