Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our Deliverance is Near

.    Your deliverance is getting near quote, it is way time to stand up and do Jehovah will.  Preach his word completley.  Soon each of us will face the Great tribulation, The great news is that a "Great Crowd" of people will survive this world catastrope..  In The book of Revelation's  it is decribed the destruction of Babylon the Great.  False religion, is likened  to a prostitute. The leader's of this wicked world.  Instead of supporting Jesus our lord and King they have supported human rulers and have compromised godly principles just to gain political influence.  Jehovah will destroy Babylon.  Then the Great Tribulation will come.  It will be a time to reveal what is truly in our hearts. It will be a opportunity for all true believers to prove their great love for Jehovah and to give their support to Christ brothers.  Everyone will take notice.  Though Jehovah's word does not state the exsact time this will come about and we can see how the things are comming about as of now.  The time is coming my friends we must take hold of Jehovah and follow Jesus his son to the fullest.  Become strong in our faith and trust in Jehovah with all our might.  Let nothing stop you in your path to Jehovah or to gain the knowledge that you need to have to survive and to please Jehovah and recieve his divine approval.  Blessings n love


  1. Hello My Dear Sister, I came across your website today and was very intrigued by what you had to say. It's so kind of you to want to share your expressions in this way with the public. However, you may want to re-read and edit some of your grammatical errors so that the message is conveyed in the proper way. Much love and thank you again.

    1. Thank you my dear. I hope I hove straighten it out. If not please let me know. Thank you sending love your way.