Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jehovah is he..

There has been so much going on that I think about posting here put it drifts off somewhere...
Jehovah God is definitely a part of my life.  I love him and his people they are the most loving and kind people I know.  There isn't another place in the world I rather be then with Jehovah and his people..  I'm learning to be humble and very thankful for all that my heavenly Father gives to me.  I strongly believe that if I didnt have faith in Jehovah I would not be exsisting in this world.  He has aloud me to survive many things in my life.  He has given me the strength to go on when I really didn't think I could.  I have made many mistakes in my life and still have today.  But I keep trying to fix them with Jehovahs help.  I continue more than ever to attend meetings and assemblies as much as I can.  Jehovah is my strength my endurance my love my passion for what is right.  He will help me to succeed and follow Jesus foot steps.  Which I totally want to do with all my heart.  I want to become one of his most faithful and strong servants.  He gave me life and even though there has been many difficult times he seen me through.  I thank him for each day that i wake up and I can have another oportunity to change to be better to attend a meeting.  Thank you my Heavenly Father and your son our Lord and king.
With love

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