Thursday, November 6, 2014


It's been a while ... Sometimes I get caught up in what goes on around me.  Today I'm trying to re focus myself prepare for the Thursday night meeting today.  I have to errands to do and that's it. 
My personal study has been on track.  Which is good.  I have been learning about what kind of man Jesus was.  He was a well known teacher when he was here on the earth.  ( John 1:38, 13:13 ) The four bible books know as the Gospel Books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us much about the life, activity, and personal qualities of Jesus Christ.
What did he teach?
Primary his message was the Good News Of The Kingdom.. That is God's Kingdom, the heavenly government that will rule over the entire earth and will bring endless blessings to obedient humans. 
(Matthew 4:23) Do you know who's message this was?
Jesus himself said:  "What I teach is not mine, but belongs to him that sent me," namely Jehovah.  (John 7:16)
Jesus knew that his Father wants humans to hear about the good news of the Kingdom.
Where did Jesus do his teachings?  Everywhere he found people.  In the countryside as well as in the cities, in the villages market places, and in there homes.  Jesus did not expect people to come to him.  He went to them.  Why did Jesus do such lengths spending so much time.  Because doing so was God's will for him...Jesus always did his Fathers will...
I'm truly grateful to learn about Jesus and his life here on earth it has gave me a better understanding of him who he was and his purpose here on earth ..
With love JANICE


  1. Jesus the only real one we can lean husband and i are pentecostal..loves

    1. Your right my friend thank you for stopping by, much love