Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Trusting Jehovah's Word...

Learning to Trust in our Heavenly father Is the most best thing we can do for ourselves. Understanding that the Bible is here for us is even greater.. It has all the Standards and morels and principles we need to live our lives clean and healthy and opposite of the world .. It can bring us peace of mind. Reading God's Word, or message in the Bible can change our lives.. The Bible is truly a Book from God. It can help us to examine ourselves like never before. ( from the book, What does the Bible really teach.) What does the Bible really teach i believe is a good Bible aid.. I know people have not so good things to say about Jehovah witnesses.. but I believe in Jehovah and i also believe that people tend to twist things around to their advantage What religion teaches the right things that you know of.. I have been to several other churches.. and turned right around and came back and intent to stay.. I'm not leaving Jehovah... The Bible is inspired of God.. It is beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight.

  This is my study book..

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