Sunday, March 9, 2014

Just a little bit of this and that....

Sometimes I just want to pack a bag and run off to I haven't a clue, Perhaps the other end of the world.. But then reality pops in and says well you first of all have panic disorder so it just wouldn't work. you wouldn't be able to travel.. My only Salvation is Jehovah... He is my Peace of mind.......... His is my Strength.......... When I enter his Kingdom.. I feel relief and calmness and much love from his people.. I only hope that I can get stronger get baptized and become his full servant.. It's been my goal for a long time now.. The reason I haven't gotten baptized is because I want to make sure my soul in cleaned fully.. I don't want to step in without having things straight.. I don't want to live a double life of any kind.. So I have been cleaning my closet out so to speak.. I have short comings but have been working on them all with his help.. I have about 12 or 13 years now that I stopped smoking.And accomplished it with his help, I have never had a disire ever to smoke or any kind of with drawl. I have tried to become a single woman which hasn't been easy but I believe I'm almost there.. The more closer I come to Jehovah the stronger I get and my eyes are opened more bigger and I realize now I surely don't need a worldly man in my life.. I'm trying to adjust to leaving that in Jehovah's hand. If I'm suppose to have a soulmate he may supply him for me from his house.... not my own...

Proverbs. 4:7 Wisdom is the most important thing.. So aquire Wisdom. and with all you aquire, aquire understanding.
Jesus didn’t just talk about the will of God—he lived it. In fact, Jesus said that his purpose in life was “to do, not my will, but the will of him that sent me.
(words from
John 7:16, 17  Jesus, in turn, answered them and said: “What I teach is not mine, but belongs to him who sent me. 17  If anyone desires to do His will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or I speak of my own originality.
John 6:38 
38  for I have come down from heaven to do, not my own will, but the will of him who sent me.

I want to be pleasing to Jehovah.. totally I don't want to disappoint him or myself...............  I wish you a most kind and lovely Sunday..
with love Janice


  1. Beautiful words...have a lovely week

  2. amen friend..blessed your to read praying for you..loves soraya

    1. Helo Soraya so nice to hear from you... Im sorry I haven't visited in a while but My mom is so sick now I barely have time to write anymore..