Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Text

Monday, March 10
Solomon began to do what was
bad in the eyes of Jehovah.
—1 Ki. 11:6.
Solomon eventually strayed
from the course of faithful obedience.
God’s Word states: “It came
about in the time of Solomon’s
growing old that his wives themselves
had inclined his heart to
follow other gods; and his heart
did not prove to be complete with
Jehovah his God like the heart
of David his father.” (1 Ki. 11:4)
Rightly displeased, Jehovah told
Solomon: “For the reason that
. . . you have not kept my covenant
andmy statutes that I laid in
command upon you, I shall without
fail rip the kingdom away
from off you, and I shall certainly
give it to your servant.” (1 Ki. 11:
11) How tragic! Though Solomon
had been a success in many ways,
in time he disappointed Jehovah.
In the most important area of life
—faithfulness to God—Solomon
failed. Each of us can ask, ‘Am I
determined tomake sure that the
lesson learned from Solomon’s
life will help me to be a success?’
w12 12/15 1:7, 8

Jehovah's daily text.............. with love Janice

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