Thursday, November 24, 2016

Grateful for .....

     This morning I woke up with a smile on my face telling God and my Lord Jesus thank you for another day..  A beautiful day..  A glorious day...  A day that I can share with my family and friends...  I'm thankful every day and I'm thankful that the Lord has opened my eyes wide so I can accept all that he has for me and accept him into my heart and more over that I'm not longer blinded and I have come to my own understanding of him and my heavenly Father... Not so e mans understanding.. When you come to understand everything clearly it is such a wonderful thing.  I have so much to learn in the bible still, but I'm glad my mind and heart are open to it..  There are so many lost people out there and I'm so so grateful I'm not one of them...  I pray for them all to be found..  And that they find Jesus and follow him and open their hearts wide to let him in, it is the most wonderful glourious feeling ever..  I feel as if the world was lifted off my shoulders..  There are still issues of life but I'm not carrying it alone anymore and that is the difference.  When you walk with the Lord there is such a difference..  He will carry your burdens for you...  It's just so beautiful..  I'm thankful also for my new church Shekinah Christain Fellowship, I'm grateful for the kindness and softness and loving self of Pastor Hillman and First Lady Hillman they are full of genuine Love Bishops as well and Prophet too.  I been blessed with the most loving family on earth.  And all my fellow worshippers..  I leave there with such love and happiness instilled in my heart I can't even explain it.  I'm humbled before you dear Lord to do your will as you see it not I...  Thank you for all that you have given me and continue to give me, I owe everything to you and my heavenly Father for dirrecting me..  It is a grand pleasure to walk in your footsteps and serve you.  My heart is overfilled with gratitude and love Thanks a million times for showing me the way..  Please never leave me... Amen 
     I want to wish each and everyone of you out there where ever you are a most wonderful Thanksgiving day with your families are whoever your with...  God bless..  Open your heart open your mind to the Lord and our heavenly Father so he can give you Love and peace within yourself.. You won'r regret a drop of it..
                             With love Janice


  1. Wishing you a wonderful weekend Janice.


    1. Thank you Diana I hope your weekend was wonderful ❤️